Divorce proceedings just turned brutal for former Google executive and Android cofounder Andy Rubin, who has been accused by his wife of running a sex ring, paying thousands to “own” and “share” women with friends. The civil complaint was filed as part of an effort to annul a prenuptial agreement signed by the wife before the marriage and also alleges that her husband concealed millions of his Google earnings in a secret bank account. Andy Rubin previously left Google with a $70 million payout after a fellow employee accused him of sexual assault. In other words, hiding illicit activity isn’t merely a corporate practice for the Google C-suite.

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A millionaire former Google exec has been accused by his wife of running a sex ring and lavishing hundreds of thousands on mistresses that he allegedly “shared” with pals for threesomes.

The sensational claims against Android co-founder Andy Rubin emerged in a legal battle over his fortune in a court in California.

Former Google exec Andy Rubin has been accused of running a ‘sex ring’ in a lawsuit filed by his soon to be ex-wife

The lawsuit, filed by Rie Hirabaru Rubin in San Mateo County, seeks to annul a prenuptial agreement she signed before their 2009 marriage.