Michelle Malkin points out the hypocrisy of the liberal media during their reporting of the recent purge of sexual harassers in various professions, but most specifically in the journalism world. Malkin calls President Trump to defund the liberal media networks like NPR and PBS since a number of their executive members have had to leave due to sexual harassment accusations, reports Truth Revolt.

As 2017 closes, no less than seven prominent male hosts and editors of influential government-sponsored radio and television shows are out of work amid claims of sexual harassment.

These reported creeps and perverts who have been running wild at NPR and PBS for decades and been sponsored and subsidized by taxpayers and corporate donors to keep running, reports Malkin.

In August, an award-winning broadcast and radio host who is most known for his public radio program “The Takeaway”, John Hockney, is leaving New York City’s NPR affiliate. His show garnered about 3 million weekly listeners. His female producers and interns have accused him of harassment and bullying before and after he left the station.

“In October, NPR’s former editorial director and senior vice president of news, Michael Oreskes, was ousted from his perch after several women claimed he forcibly kissed them in the 1990s while seeking jobs at his previous employer, The New York Times,” reports Malkin.

Then in the same month, the huge NPR icon, Garrison Keillor, creator of “A Prairie Home Companion,” was fired for inappropriate behavior involving at least one female co-worker. Keillor says the only incident he recalls involves inadvertently slipping his hand up the bare back of a “friend.” Keillor also just earlier that month had written a column defending fellow sexual harassment suspect Sen. Al Franken (D-MN).

During the Thanksgiving holiday, PBS and CBS morning news star Charlie Rose fell to the chopping block as well. He has been reported to have groped, grabbed, phone-harassed and exposed himself to upwards of eight female employees, interns and job applicants dating back to the 1990s.

At the end of November, NPR fired Chief News Editor David Sweeney following an internal review after four of the public radio network’s female employees lodged formal complaints involving kisses, attention, and gifts.

“In mid-December, Boston-based Tom Ashbrook, host of NPR’s “On Point” live morning show broadcast on 290 NPR affiliates stations for the past 16 years, was suspended after young women alleged he gave “creepy” sex talks, hugs and back rubs in the studio. Ashbrook says he was “stunned” to learn of the charges,” reports Malkin.

Then finally, just this last week, PBS suspended weeknight host Tavis Smiley, who also hosts an NPR podcast, has waged an aggressive campaign defending himself against his employer’s witch hunt “gone too far.”

It is impossible to tell who is telling the truth or not in these situations, but Malin says that one thing is true, is that all of these seven men accused are left-leaning journalists and pundits encrusted in the public broadcasting establishment.

“‘This is a golden opportunity for President Donald Trump to drain the elitist media swamps and inject true intellectual diversity in the newsrooms of NPR and PBS. Liberal bias at these Beltway institutions is notorious — from NPR legal analyst Nina Totenberg wishing AIDS upon Sen. Jesse Helms and his grandchildren as ‘retributive justice,’ to ‘Sesame Street’s’ Oscar the Grouch mocking Fox News on PBS, to top NPR executives slamming the tea party movement as ‘scary’ and ‘racist’ to the undercover journalists of Project Veritas,’ says Malkin.”

Now has never been a better time to try and bring real balance to these government-sponsored programming while also taking down these pervs and sexual harassers of women.

Malkin reports, that so far the response has not been the best since the replacement announced for Charlie Rose on PBS are BBC correspondent Katty Kay and CNN anchor Christiane Amanpour. Two liberal British female journalists.

Malkin says that she knows of 12 or so conservative female journalists who would love to be given the chance to make NPR and PBS a bit more as unbiased as it has been against conservatives.