Maxine Waters (D-California) recently got into hot water over vulgar comments she made regarding Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson. Tucker Carlson of Fox News feels that if she doesn’t like what Ben Carson is doing she can take over the role herself.

Carlson cites the fact that Waters lives in a $4.3 million home that isn’t even in her district. As someone whose sole employment is as a Representative, Waters’ ownership of this house is questionable. Not to mention it isn’t even in the congressional district she represents.

In addition, Waters’ claims to be a race warrior. Yet, she lives in a neighborhood that is only 6% African-American. All while representing a district that has the second highest concentration of African-Americans in California.

If Waters found a way to pull of this masterful deception in the realm of housing, she must truly be fit to take Carson’s job. Or maybe she should just stop criticizing him with vulgar, inappropriate comments.