Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) indicated that a war is brewing between Congress and the Department of Justice. On “Fox News Sunday” Gowdy said that the GOP is ready to use “its full arsenal of constitutional weapons” if the DOJ refuses to hand over documents related to the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) met with top House officials recently to make their demands and position very clear.

“Under the heading of minor miracles, you had members of the House working on a Friday night,” Gowdy explained. “Paul Ryan led this meeting. You had Devin Nunes, Bob Goodlatte, myself and everyone you can think of from the FBI and the DOJ, and we went item by item on both of those outstanding subpoenas.

“And Paul (Ryan) made it very clear; there’s going to be action on the floor of the House this week if the FBI and DOJ do not comply with our subpoena request,” he said.

“So, Rod Rosenstein, Chris Wray, you were in the meeting, you understood him just as clearly as I did. We’re going to get compliance or the House of Representatives is going to use its full arsenal of constitutional weapons to gain compliance.”