Todd Starnes

Todd Starnes came on Fox News the other night to point out that CNN is filled with anti-Trump bigots. He exposed them for race-baiting tactics they use on their show to tear down conservatives and lift up the liberals, reports Grabien news.

Starnes starts off by discussing the most recent holiday that liberals love to attack, Christmas. He talks about how CNN likes to use the subject of Christmas and conservatives problem with using it so much that it excludes other religions.

“‘Let me say something about don lemon. Quite frankly, CNN. Their entire network is a dog whistle for race-baiting anti-Trump bigots. I mean, it is 24/7. They really believe that Merry Christmas is a dog whistle. It makes me wonder what they think the words “Ho ho ho” would be called for,’ said Starnes.”

He continues to ask how talking about Christmas is not being “inclusive” and how it could possibly offend other people who don’t believe in that religion.  It’s just crazy. Starnes turns the table though and asks why CNN doesn’t try to attack other religions as well during this season where many other religions celebrate a holiday.

“I want to go to this idea that Christmas is somehow inclusive,” said Starnes. “Is that really true? You don’t hear them talking about Ramadan being inclusive. This is not about inclusivity, David. This is about marginalizing Christianity.”

Starnes may have gotten his words mixed up there when he says that allowing Christmas to be inclusive is a bad thing, but he makes a good point in pointing out that CNN never talks about Ramadan, the Muslim holiday that is celebrated in May, and how that Holiday can be very exclusive.

Starnes goes on to point out how much President Trump is really embracing Christmas spirit this year and shows just what the meaning of Christmas is really about.

“And President Trump said the words, we are going to start saying Merry Christmas again, what he was trying to tell people again, is that I understand the true meaning of Christmas. Jesus is the reason for the season. That was the message that the president was trying to convey,” said Starnes.