FBI Deputy Assistant Director Peter Strzok was called before the House Judiciary committee Thursday to be questioned about his anti-Trump behavior during multiple investigations before and after the 2016 election.

Texts that were recovered from his government distributed phone proved Stzrok’s hatred for Trump and admiration of Hillary Clinton. During a heated exchange with Republican Rep Darrell Issa, Issa made Strzok read his anti-Trump text messages aloud. Strzok seemed incredibly uncomfortable with this request but still agreed to read them.

“So in front of you, you have one sheet of paper that was presented to you a few minutes ago, and I’m going to just go to a date and then ask you to read your own words,” Issa said. “You want me to read this?” Strzok asked.

Strzok was then forced to read his own words:

“Omg, he’s an idiot.”
“Hi, how was Trump other than a douche, Melania.”
“Trump is a disaster, have I no idea how destabilizing his presidency would be.”
“No, no, no he’s not, we’ll stop it.”
“What the F happened to our country?”

Ouch. How embarrassing. Maybe he should have thought more about these flippant texts before sending them.

Issa continued “Why in the world do you believe that this committee should not ask for the record of similar texts from your private account to find out what else you might have said about insurance policies or about the president of the United States or investigation?” Issa asked, “That is a rhetorical question. You need not answer.”

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