Fox News host Sean Hannity was in rare form the other night when he launched a blistering attack against disgraced FBI agent Peter Strzok.

Poking fun at Strzok attacking what he believed were “smelly” Trump supporters Hannity said, “We smelly Trump supporters won’t rest until all of your deep state colleagues are held accountable.”

And it got more intense from there.

Hannity starts off by dropping these bombs:

“This is an historic day in so many ways. Disgraced anti-Trump FBI agent Peter Strzok was in the hot seat and tonight we are just finally beginning to expose the biggest corruption bias dereliction at some of the highest levels and the saddest part is we are only about 15% into this abuse of power and the biggest scandal in history.”

“We will show you the most contentious moments from the hearing as an incredibly strong mug, narcissistic Peter Strzok lied about his blatant bias and even took some veiled cheap shot that yours truly. Tonight we will have a direct message for the corrupt FBI investigator. And you may have smelled me and my fellow trump voters in Virginia Walmart in 2016, but now you will be hearing loudly from all of us until you are held accountable for what are your malignant actions. Hold on, sit tight and buckle up, it’s time for tonight’s explosive breaking news. London opening monologue. He was the FBI agent at the very heart of the deep state, and in 2016 he was the lead investigator in the Clintons server probe. He played the lead role in writing Hillary Clinton’s exoneration of course before the investigation and before ultimately conducting her investigation months later. Despite what we now have which is incontrovertible evidence that Hillary Clinton was guilty of numerous, serious felonies and crimes, he then immediately transitioned to the Trump-Russia witch hunt lift left-wing talking point. And Hillary Clinton which he was supposed to be hatred and animus. All by the way unofficial FBI phones in use to conduct official FBI business. Tomorrow, Lisa Page is set to testify like she was Wednesday before a closed-door session in Congress, we will see. But today for the very first time in a public setting, Peter Strzok was now forced to begin to answer for his prejudice, his bigoted point of view before the investigation including by the way texts and statements like these. Take a look.”

But Hannity was just warming up. Watch the video above to see him demolish Peter Strzok even further.