NBC Chief Environmental Affairs Anne Thompson recently lost it over President Trump’s rollback of Obama-era environmental regulations. She even went as far as to declare an “environmental civil war” against President Trump.

Our response? Lighten up, Anne.

Thompsons warned that this policy change would “put more of the emissions into the atmosphere that fuel climate change.” She continued, saying, “…the Trump administration says what they’re going to do is save consumers money on the cost of a new car by lowering fuel economy standards. The reality is, you will also be buying cars that use more gas and put more greenhouse gas emissions into the air….it will cost you more at the pump and it will also put more of the emissions into the atmosphere that fuel climate change.”

She even gloated over the fact that these strangling regulations forced GM and Chrysler to accept bailouts from the federal government saying, “Remember, these standards were enacted when GM and Chrysler had filed for bankruptcy, so the government really had the car companies where they wanted them.”

She then went on to praise California for standing up to President Trump’s deregulation: “The wild card in all of this? California. Because in doing this, the administration wants to rescind the waiver that allows California to set its own emission standards. California Governor Jerry Brown tweeted this morning, says, ‘We will fight this stupid idea in every way possible.’ 19 attorneys general around the country are promising to sue the Trump administration over this. So we are about to see an environmental civil war in this country over these rollbacks.”

Thompson appeared on MSNBC later to once again use the term “environmental civil war.”

(H/T Newsbusters)