Senate minority leader Nancy Pelosi has come under major fire for not condemning Democrat Rep. John Conyers on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday morning, reports The Gateway Pundit. Instead of agreeing with the accusers who say Conyers sexually harassed them, Pelosi praised him for being an “icon” for women’s rights.

First, host Chuck Todd showed Pelosi a clip of her interview on NBC in 1998 when former-President Bill Clinton was being investigated for possible impeachment. At the time she was asked about why she had been silent when allegations about Clinton were coming to the surface.

Pelosi responded by saying, “Well, I’d like to say that I think that the women of America are speaking out about, uh, what they think about this whole situation. The women of America are just like other Americans, in that, they value fairness, the value privacy, and do not want to see a person with uncontrolled power, uncontrolled time, uncontrolled, uh, unlimited money, uh, investigation the President of the United States.”

Essentially saying that she doesn’t want who was investigating Bill Clinton to keep investigating him because Pelosi likes to protect Democrats even if they have been accused of sexual harassment or even worse.

Just look at how Pelosi answered a question about John Conyers and whether or not she believes the women who have accused him.  When Todd asks Pelosi when she said there was a zero tolerance for sexual harassment in the workplace, what does that mean for Conyers, she responded that Conyers was an ‘icon.’

“‘We are strengthened by due process. Was it one accusations or two, I think there has to be.  John Conyers is an icon in our country.  He has done a great deal to protect women, violence against women act, which the right wing is now quoting me as praising him for his work on that, which he did great work on that,’ said Pelosi.”

Pelosi believes Conyers is entitled to due process, which he is, and believes he will do the right thing in the end.  Which is really hopeful thinking Pelosi.

When asked if she believes his accusers Pelosi responds, “I don’t know who they are. Do you? They have not really come forward. And that gets to…Well, that’s for the Ethics Committee to review.”

Essentially saying that Pelosi needs to see these women in order to decide whether or not they are lying about Conyers sexually harassing them.

This is just another case of Pelosi protecting Democrats at whatever the cost, even if that means calling women who have bravely come out about their sexual assault cases, liars.

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BY Isabelle Weeks


I am a staff writer for DC Statesman and like to report on current events happening in the Trump administration as well as the political world.