On Sunday night, MSNBC host Kasie Hunt had Democratic Sen. Chris Van Hollen on her show where Van Hollen stated that Democrats who want to abolish ICE are all for border security, the Daily Caller reported.

Many people “are talking about abolishing ICE. This is something the White House seized on, other Republicans argue is essentially a gift to them. What would you say to members of your party who are running on that right now? Is it helpful to you as you try to get incumbent Democrats in red states re-elected?” Hunt asked.

“Well look, Democrats have been very clear, we’re for border security. The issue with ICE,” Van Hollen began before being cut off.

Hunt responded, “I think many Americans probably look at abolish ICE and say actually that’s not very clear.”

“The issue you’ve got with respect to the Department of Homeland Security is how they’re managed by this administration, and we don’t need to be separating moms and dads from their kids in order to have strong border security,” the senator continued. “In my own view, the problem with ICE is the way the president and his team have managed ICE.”

The two had been discussing the recent trend of “abolish ICE” among Democrats.

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