Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand displayed a fabulous case of her liberal spin techniques when she went on The View this week and while she was exclaiming that sexual harassment needs to be condemned on all fronts, she also would not say that she regretted campaigning with Bill Clinton, reports Hot Air.

Gillibrand was answering a question from Joy Behar about why the senator called on Al Franken to resign from the Senate over unproven accusations against him. Gillibrand brings up the fact that she is a mother of young boys who doesn’t want to teach them that even if misbehavior towards a woman is “minor” then it is ok.

She continues to talk about Franken saying that he is entitled to a hearing, but he is not entitled to Gillibrand’s silence just because they are on the same political party. She strongly advocates for principle before partnership and is especially trying to stand her ground while Republicans look the other way at the accusations against Trump.

But the Meghan McCain asks her questions and that is when Gillibrand loses her steam.

The co-host asks the senator what she thought about when Hillary Clinton, the feminist icon for liberals, let a staffer continue to work for her even when he was accused of harassing women working on her 2008 campaign?

She also brings up that if Gillibrand’s rallying cry is zero-tolerance, then why did she campaign with noted adultery and accused assaulter Bill Clinton for years and did not say anything about him or even try to condemn him in any way. Gillibrand, even when asked on the show about Bill Clinton just dodged the question as most Democrats do.

“‘The Clintons and their cronies are powerful enemies for an aspiring Democratic presidential candidate to have. If Gillibrand slams Hillary for the Strider incident or Bill for the 800 or so instances of misconduct he’s been accused of, she’ll intensify the feud. But if she doesn’t slam them, she’ll reveal her “angry mom” shtick of three minutes earlier for the feminist pander that it is,’ says Hot Air.”

Gillibrand pathetically tries to get out of the trap she’s made for herself by offering the lame excuse that it’s hard to second-guess Hillary’s decision without knowing all of the facts. Even though Strider himself admitted to wrongdoing and Clinton’s campaign manager, Patti Solis Doyle says she was disappointed in how Clinton handled it.

When it comes to commenting on Bill Clinton though, she just manages to stammer through a statement about how “this moment of time we’re in is very different,” which culturally it may be, but it doesn’t take living in this time to point out someone who is sexually abusing and harassing women he works with.

McCain wasn’t asking about the country as a whole and the way we view appropriate relationships between men and women in the workplace has changed, but how Gillibrand herself has no issue with supporting the actions of Bill Clinton.

All Gillibrand did was try to deflect the attention off of the royalty of the Democratic world, the Clintons, to the main issue of sexual harassment towards women as a whole and we could see right through it Gillibrand.