Earlier this week a CNN reporter was barred from an event with President Trump over her rude behavior. Earlier that the day Kaitlan Collins was not allowed to attend the event with Trump and Jean-Claude Junckner, president of the European Commission. Collins had shouted questions at Trump earlier and embarrassed herself with her actions. Looking to avoid another embarrassing display of behavior, she was asked to leave the Junckner event.

Many in the press, including Brett Baier of Fox News, have rallied behind CNN and Collins. But at least one person in media is taking Trump’s side. Fox News’ Lou Dobbs said in a recent broadcast that, “It’s about time there were consquences for disrespectful behavior.”

Dobbs went on to say, “Wow, today, the White House blocked a CNN reporter, Katelyn Collins from President Trump’s trade announcement with the European union today for shouting what they called inappropriate questions at the president. CNN issued a statement saying in part, quote, this decision to bar a member of the press is retaliatory in nature and not indicative of an open and free press.”

He then asked CNN a pointed question saying, “Who the hell are you? The president does insist on respect.”

Watch the video clip above.