There are conservative millennials out there who are the leaders and future of the Republican party. Allie Stuckey is one of them.

Stuckey is a conservative blogger and has been rising in the ranks of right-wing news hosts as one of the best at The Blaze.

She set an entitled, liberal college snowflake on fire with a viral parody video of the student who gets fired from her first day out in the real world.

This is the best part:

“Her “white, male,” boss asked her where she had been and why she was late.

“Where have I been?” she said. “I’ve been celebrating and I’ve been partying and then I’ve been sleeping and I’ve been resting because, you know what, this is a stressful time.

“I feel a little bit pressured and a little bit endangered right now. I do not feel safe so I’ll just leave and come back when you change your tune Mr. white male boss,” she said.”

Stuckey’s impression of this liberal is priceless.

The whiny college girl gets what she deserves when her boss fires her on the very first day.

In response, she musters, “This is the white male patriarchy at work.”

What a crock. These young, liberals have been coddled in ‘safe spaces’ for too long. They do not understand the concept of life outside of that fake bubble they are in.

Major props to Stuckey for calling this girl out and having it go viral.