Trump supporting Democrats in Pennsylvania were recently asked in a CNN segment about the embattled network’s coverage of Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen. They did not mince words. They believe it’s just a “sideshow” and takes away from more important issues facing the country. The segment, which blew up in the face of the CNN reporters, was clearly embarrassing to the network.

Correspondent Jason Caroll spoke with registered Democrats in Pennsylvania about Trump’s performance as president thus dar. They said they credit him with the booming economy and for looking out for their hard-earned savings. Two of those interviewed were Eileen and Richard Sorokas. They both voted for former President Barack Obama. After Trump was sworn in as president Richard said, “We’ve got to get the politically correct things out of here and get a business man and get this country straightened out, get the deficit down.”

CNN caught up with him again to see if anything has changed. Their Trump support has not waned, but their viewpoint of CNN has grown negative. The Free Beacon reports:

“The couple, speaking about a year and a half later, stands by their decision to support Trump.

“‘Our retirement is in the stock market and the stock market has been growing for quite a while now, so I’m sort of happy what’s happening with the economy,’ Sorokas said. He also told CNN he thought the focus on Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort’s legal issues is a ‘side show.’

“CNN has aggressively covered the legal cases involving Manafort, Trump’s former campaign chairman, and Cohen, Trump’s former attorney, this week. Manafort was found guilty on eight of 18 counts and Cohen pleaded guilty on eight counts of campaign finance violations and other charges as part of a plea deal.

“Trump narrowly beat two-time failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in Pennsylvania during the 2016 presidential election, garnering a little over 48 percent of the vote.”

This once again proves that CNN has irrevocably damaged their brand with their anti-Trump coverage.