Senator Mazie Hirono (D-HI) made a jaw-dropping comment during an interview with CNN on Monday. Speaking about Rudi Giuliani, collusion, and Donald Trump, Hirono said that “the noose is closing” on President Trump.

This type of commentary by Democrats encouraging violence against Trump officials and supporters has become more commonplace as their anger and hatred of the president builds.

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer asked, “You know President Trump has repeatedly claimed there was no collusion, now his lawyer Rudy Guiliani is arguing collusion isn’t even a crime necessarily, so what does that signal to you?”

Hirono replied, “I think that the noose is closing. Guiliani is like a loose cannon, so is the president frankly. Conspiracy is a crime and obstruction of justice is a crime. And it all points to how important it is for the Mueller investigation to continue.”

Blitzer never challenged her on that comment and just went along with the interview.