MSNBC host, and one of the biggest cheerleaders for Democrats on national television, Chris Matthews is sick of the Democratic Party. In an interview this morning on Morning Joe Matthews said the amount of elitism in the Democratic Party was “outrageous.” He later admitted that despite agreeing with their policies, he wants the Democratic Party to lose.

“There’s too many elitists. There is so much elitism in the Democrat party, it’s outrageous,” Matthews explained.

The segment was about reflecting on the political movement established by the Kennedys, most notably Robert F. Kennedys “common man” approach. Matthews explained that moving away from their blue-collar roots has reshaped the party into a bunch of elitists.

“A true democrat, lower case ‘d,’ thinks they’re no better than anybody else. That’s what a Democrat is,” Matthews explained. “And the party regains that when white, black, Hispanic people, everybody, starts to think of themselves as one of them instead of being better than them. [Then] they’ll get back to the party of the people, and they’re not there yet. A party that speaks to the pain of the working class in this country. The Democratic Party has got to take the lead, rally people, young people, working people, stand up to the billionaire class, and when we do that, you’re going to see voter turnout swell. You’re going to see people coming in and running for office. You’re going to see Democrats regain control of the United States Congress.”

He also denounced Marxism saying, “It’s not just economics. I don’t buy the whole Marxist argument, it’s about economics, it’s not all about economics. It’s about sensing your leaders give a damn about you personally.”

He then shocked the audience by admitting he was rooting against the Democratic Party:

“I’m rooting against them even though I may agree with their policies,” Matthews said. “I think there’s a party attitude of elitism and I think they got to get over it. And it’s too much talk into fund-raisers, because the people they talk to on these kind of shows are really the people they want their money from, and they’re the elite.”

He took a shot at former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton (D) on her lack of ability to identify with regular people.

“Hillary finally had a Bruce Springsteen concert the last night [before election day, 2016]. A little late in the game. Identify what the blue collar, the regular people identify with,” Matthews said. “Just my speech, there are others, but that’s one. That’s something Bobby [Kennedy] would understand and Joe Biden would understand and a few other people would understand today and I think it’s a real problem.”