A new video released today by WeAreChange shows an out of control ‘May Day’ riot in the heart of France.

“On the head of the elections between Le Pen and Macron the country is in turmoil as we see from this video.”

Protesters are clashing with police over the French election. Much like what we have seen in the United States from Anti-Trump forces, many are marching with the same intensity against presidential hopeful Marine Le Pen. The left-wing protesters are also fighting for workers rights and big labor. And violence has escalated quickly:

“Similar scenes erupted in Paris, as riot police attempted to control the crowds at the city’s traditional labour union march.

“Police fired tear gas at rowdy protesters on the sidelines of a May Day workers’ march in Paris, as scores of hooded youth threw Molotov cocktails at security forces.

“The annual march to celebrate workers’ rights this year included calls to block presidential candidate Marine Le Pen from winning the presidency during a runoff election on Sunday.

“Video showed riot police surrounding the protesters disrupting the march after isolating most of them from the rest of the crowd near the Place de la Bastille.

“However, some continued to lob firebombs that exploded into flames in the street.

“It was not immediately clear if anyone was injured in the incidents.”

Here is a video of a mortar exploding on a WeAreChange reporter:

And here is a video from clshes in Turin:

Protests and violent reprisals against the police have been commonplace for some time: