If you don’t know Ben Shapiro yet, then you should probably look him up. I’ll give a brief summary anyway. Ben Shapiro talks to different groups of people, and goes around destroying “Social justice Warrior” as well as people who clearly need educated. All Ben Shapiro strives to do is educate people who clearly don’t know what they are talking about. If you want to listen to his podcasts you can listen here.

Shapiro drops bombs on these clueless people by using hardcore facts. Below I will include a list of facts he uses explaining to transgenders as well as BLM arguments.

Transgender Facts

  • Every chromosome in someone’s body does not change through the surgery therefore you are either male of female no matter how you identify.
  • Wanting to be a gender other than the one you currently are is actually a mental illness known as gender dysphoria
  • 40% of transgender people attempt (at least once) or do commit suicide.
    • Most of you will say it’s because they are bullied and that is actually not true, in most cases they are actually the bully by forcing their beliefs on everyone else as seen here:
  • There are many more facts just watch the videos in this article or any other ones on YouTube.

BLM Facts

  • Black’s represent 13% of the population, but commit 50% of all the murders
  • Black kids shoot each other at significantly higher rates than whites
  • Single motherhood rate jumped from 20%-70%
  • They are uprising against a primarily minority police force and it was against a black president.
    • Side note: also against a primarily democrat government.
  • See more here as well as awful attacks on whites by BLM:

Ridiculousness of Everything (My Own Opinion)

  • Racism against blacks does exist. Is it as big as it is made out to be? NO. But what is actually never talked about, is the racism against whites. The BLM movement actually despises white people and police, and it is never talked about. White people are actually attacked constantly just for being white, by the BLM movement.
  • The whole transgender thing is absolutely ridiculous and it makes me very angry. They are FORCING us to comply with them and if we don’t they claim it is a hate-crime. I refuse to call a transgender person by their “pronoun” and instead call them by what they were by birth as it is supposed to be. As Shapiro said you can’t identify as a different age because it is biological, therefore you shouldn’t be able to identify as a different gender.
  • LGBQ’s I actually do not care about this as long as they aren’t in my face about it and forcing me to comply. You can feel how you wanna feel about members of the same sex but I don’t need to see protests about it everywhere for no reason.
  • “Peaceful” protests. Antifa often claims to protest peacefully and we know this is not true at all. I’m tired of every protest turning violent and hurting innocents
  • Protests in general are often just protests against President Trump. We are 6 months into his presidency and people are still being sore losers about it. I’m sick and tired of people rioting because they listen to the lies of the mainstream media about president Trump. He has done nothing wrong and stuff that gets made up is blown completely out of proportion.
    • Example 1: Trump is a racist. What has he said that’s racist. NOTHING. Absolutely nothing has come out of Trump’s mouth that is racist. He talks about illegal immigrants a lot because they are illegal and don’t belong in this country in the first place.
    • Example 2: Trump is a bigot. This one just makes me mad because a majority of the people who say this don’t know what the word means. A bigot is: “a person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions.” Sound familiar? Sounds a lot like protesters.
    • Example 3: Trump is doing nothing to unite the country. The people who are protesting and attacking people don’t really seem like THEY want to unite the country.

I say it at the end of almost every single one of my articles, but we need to stand up and defend our country from these awful people. They need educated and they need to stop being fed lies *cough* CNN MSNBC *cough*.