Fox News host Laura Ingraham backed President Donald Trump’s controversial press conference with Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin by explaining that he was turning on the charm for the sake of a “true reset.”

“For three hours today, President Donald Trump and Russian Vladimir Putin met at a summit in Helsinki,” Ingraham said.

“And although the meeting is now in the history books,” she explained, “the fallout and the political tax have just begun. Now so much of the commentary today was devoid of even the slightest hint of context, or history, so we thought we’d try to rectify that tonight.”

“He was following a strategy that he’s used effectively with Xi Jinping of China, and Kim Jong Un of North Korea, and the president, of course, was gracious and chummy with Vladimir Putin today,” she added.

“President Trump prefers to turn on the charm in person while using the hammer and sickle behind the scenes,” Ingraham explained. “But the president made his objective clear – he was there to begin a true reset of our relationship with Russia.”

Ingraham admitted that Trump gave a “verbal gift” to his critics when he stated that he believed Putin’s denials over U.S. intelligence agencies. However, she brought it back around and denounced the media reaction, comparing it to the response to concessions made by the former Obama administration to the Russians.

“Now you can also say this,” Ingraham allowed, “Trump clearly should not have created any semblance of moral equivalency between our intel community, even if it has its flaws, which it does, and the assurances of Vladimir Putin.”

This meeting and press conference with Putin is essential to repairing the relationship between the United States and Russia. Monday was another win for Trump.

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BY Mark Graham


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