Secretary of State Mike Pompeo went off on Democratic New Mexico Sen. Tom Udall on Thursday over what he deemed to be an “outrageous” question about President Trump’s tax returns, reports the Daily Caller. 

Pompeo appeared in front of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee when Sen. Udall suggested Trump could have conflicts of interest between American foreign policy and his own business dealings.

“Given that the president refuses to disclose his tax returns, how can you assure the American people that American foreign policy is free of his personal conflicts of interest?” Udall asked.

“Senator, I find that question bizarre,” Pompeo responded.

“You don’t want to answer it then?” Udall pressed. “You want to describe it as bizarre and not give me an answer?”

“Yes I do,” Pompeo said angrily. “I think that’s indicative of my answer, Senator. I’ve been incredibly involved in this administration’s policy now for some 16 months and I’ve seen literally no evidence of what you are scurrilously suggesting.”

“It is an outrageous suggestion,” Pompeo added.

Udall argued that “many people” have raised questions about Trump’s business interests abroad and Pompeo shot back that such people are only doing so because they are politically opposed to the president and began to mention who all of those people are they like to bring up Trump’s tax returns, which are always Democrats.

Pompeo was getting at a greater point about this administration which is that Democrats are only concerned about tearing down the current president and trying to place any kind of blame or any kind of excuse of faulty leadership onto the president that they can find.

As Pompeo points out, it is a childish move and is “scurrilous” of Democrats to point out these unsubstantiated claims against the president.

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BY Isabelle Weeks


I am a staff writer for DC Statesman and like to report on current events happening in the Trump administration as well as the political world.