Speaking on The View on Tuesday, co-host Meghan McCain ripped co-host Joy Behar for criticizing President Trump’s harsh stance toward Iran, asserting that Behar’s perspective that the United States should trust the Iranian leadership was “insane,” the Daily Wire reported.

Co-Host Whoopi Goldberg started by noting Trump said he would sit down with Iranian leaders, “Kind of like he did with Kim Jong Un.” She added, “Now he may want to finish that conversation first because North Korea is still building nukes, according to new reports. So why is he suddenly willing to chat? Could this be more ‘smoke and mirrors?’”

At this point, Behar went into a rant.

“He’s like a child. When you talk to a child they’re only in the moment,” Behar emphatically stated. “You say, ‘What happened at school yesterday?’ They don’t want to talk about it; that’s yesterday. ‘What’s going to happen tomorrow?’ ‘I don’t know, and I don’t care.’ They’re only in the moment. He’s like that. He’s got the brain of a toddler.”

McCain pointed out, “The point that you’ve made so many times, which I think is really important, is that Iran isn’t North Korea. North Korea is petrifying enough, and I think all of us in good faith went into his meeting with Kim Jong Un thinking, ‘Okay, maybe some diplomacy could possibly happen.’”

Behar retorted, “But we had a deal with Iran. Everything was kind of calm for a while. Obama did something. And now he’s (Trump) stirring up Iran. Why?”

McCain replied, “Do you want to go through the Iran deal? Because the Iran deal was the number one thing I was petrified by, by the Obama Administration. The idea that we could ever trust a country where the people go out in the streets and scream ‘Death to America, death to Israel, death to Israel’ with the missiles that they drop — the idea that we could have ever, in any way, trust Iran — you were fine with the Iran deal?”

Behar said, ‘Well, they said for ten years they couldn’t build a nuclear weapon. That sounded okay.”

McCain lashed out, “That’s insane. The idea that we could trust this adversarial country—“

Behar: “They’re not trusting; they’re verifying.”

McCain: “I’m sorry, that’s such ridiculous spin. It was such a ridiculous spin from the beginning because we cannot trust Iran ever.”

Goldberg, now the moral arbitrator for the earth, chimed, “It seems right now we can’t trust anybody.”

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