The woman who is running against Vladimir Putin in Russia’s next presidential election, and who also happens to be a TV celebrity too, has been invited to President Trump’s national prayer breakfast in Washington, reports NY Daily News.

Ksenia Sobchak is the woman running against Putin and was asked to attend the annual gathering on Feb. 1, her press secretary told news agency Interfax.

Sobchak, the socialite daughter of Putin’s mentor who became known as “Russia’s Paris Hilton” before becoming a journalist, has not yet confirmed her attendance at the event.

Some members of Russia’s parliament will also attend the breakfast which is hosted by Congress and the President always attends.

The 36-year-old Russian competitor is planning a three-day trip to the U.S. as she tries to mount a serious campaign the challenge President Putin, who is widely expected to win his country’s election in March and continue into his third decade of power.

The most prominent opposition leader, Alexei Navalny, has led a series of well-attended rallies that spread his support outside the liberal center of Moscow but was banned from participating in the election.

Some have speculated that Sobchak coordinated her campaign with the Kremlin to draw support away from Navalny, but she launched the effort saying she wanted to be an option for those fed up with the current political system.

It is a rare and unusual decision for Sobchak to make a high-profile visit to the States, which nearly 70 percent of Russians say is an “enemy” in a December poll. The poll also asked the participants to name the countries they would call enemies of Russia. The United States was the most named, followed by Ukraine and then countries in the European Union.

Beyond the prayer breakfast, the candidate is expected to make a series of speeches at venues, including Georgetown University, and make a possible visit to New York.

Controversial and clown-ish nationalist politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky and a member of the Communist Party are also running in the election.

Perhaps this is Trump’s way of sending a message to Putin, saying he supports the candidate running against him and by showing his support for Sobchak it will possibly help end Putin’s reign.