The highlight of the night during President Trump’s joint address to Congress was the tribute he paid to Carryn Owens. She is the widow of slain Navy Seal Chief Petty Officer William “Ryan” Owens.

But some were not too pleased that President Trump had such a moment. One former Hillary Clinton staffer called her an “idiot.” Two prominent Democrats refused to stand or applaud for Owens. And now today we have the ladies of the View questioning whether Owens was being exploited by President Trump:

Unfortunately, the ladies of The View took a difference position and accused Carryn of allowing herself to be exploited.

“Was this a tribute or was this damage control?” Whoopi Goldberg asked.

“I thought that was so exploitative. I thought he [Trump] exploited that widow. It was so hurtful to me,” Sunny Hostin added.

I encourage you to watch the whole segment, just to see how screwed up these women really are.