Liberals keep agreeing to be on Fox with Tucker Carlson and they keep getting shut down.

This time Carlson had on climate change filmmaker Josh Fox. The pair went back and forth about the environment and climate, but Carlson got tired of the pointless squabble:

“After Fox dismissed Carlson’s claim that environmental activists are essentially telling Africans to stop having so many kids, it only went downhill from there. The Gasland director would go on to press Carlson several times on whether he understood the science behind climate change while the conservative commentator grew increasingly tired of Fox dominating the conversation.

“By the end, Fox stated that he was just going to keep talking about how millennials were inheriting an incredibly unstable world due to climate change, leading Carlson to summarily dismiss the filmmaker.”

Mr. Fox kept claiming that millennials were getting the shaft because of the problems climate change has on the planet. The banter continued until Carlson hushed Fox when he said the issue was…

“stupid” before observing that Fox was “every Hollywood profound dopey guy invoking science.

Check out the whole clip here.