A Democratic strategist, LaDawn Jones, went on Tucker Carlson’s show last week to talk about the controversial political ad that was meant to depict supporters of the Virginia candidate for governor Ed Gillespie (R) as confederates who want to attack children of color, reports Fox News.

The Democratic group, Latino Victory Fund, is the one responsible for creating the ad and has since realized how racist and disgusting it is and has removed the ad.

The political ad shows a white man in a truck with a confederate flag hanging off the back and a bumper sticker that says “Gillespie for governor,” driving around following what looks to be a Hispanic kid, a girl wearing a headscarf, and other kids of color. It looks like something out of Jaws, how the truck is stalking these kids looking as though it will run them over.

Carlson said the ad is not only race-baiting but just factually false.  There have been no documented incidents of a Gillespie supporter running down children with a truck:

“‘This ad is only designed to prey upon people’s racial fears, and it’s hard to see how anyone could defend it,’ he said. ‘How could you?’ Carlson asks contributor Jones.”

Jones defended liking the ad by saying that there have been similar incidents of minorities being terrorized, pointing to a Georgia woman who was sentenced to prison for disrupting an African America child’s birthday party with a confederate flag and racial slurs.

Carlson did not disagree that there are awful people in the world who do awful things, but he was asking the question if any Gillespie supporter had ever done anything like what is seen in the video.  Jones couldn’t answer that question.

Instead, Jones pivoted the conversation to the tragedy of the young woman, Heather Heyer, who was killed after someone ran their car into a crowd of protesters at the Charlottesville protests that broke out in August.  Jones claims that Carlson is defending the actions of the man who killed Heyer by not calling it terrorism.

Carlson immediately shuts Jones down and says that he would never defend those kinds of actions and does consider it terrorism.

Carlson explains the reason why ads like this are dangerous and completely shuts down any argument that Jones may have had:

“This ad is designed to win votes for a candidate away from another candidate, to terrify people. And the ad says this guy supports running down minority children,” Carlson said. “And that’s a lie, and it’s the worst kind of racial demagoguery because it’s preying upon people’s fears.”

Tucker ended with this quip: “You’re a deeply unreasonable person. I hope you never get near power.”


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BY Isabelle Weeks


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