New York liberals are gutting their own economy by deep-sixing new natural gas suppliers, but President Trump is having none of it. Last week Trump signed two new executive orders to save New Yorkers from themselves. One move is to order the Environmental Protection Agency to make it harder for Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) to invoke the broad Clean Water Act to block pipelines. As a result of similar regulations from Cuomo, one major gas supplier is already refusing new customers, citing supply shortages, while another is considering a similar move next month. If left unchecked, it could produce a ripple effect to hurt communities up to and including New York City itself and surrounding New England.

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How’s this for unexpected irony: As New York pols move to choke their own economy by nixing new natural-gas supplies, President Trump is racing to the rescue.

Trump last week signed two executive orders to help ease the way for new oil and gas pipelines and other energy projects. One, seemingly aimed squarely at New York, requires the Environmental Protection Agency to look for ways to make it harder for states to use the Clean Water Act to block pipelines.

That’s an all-too-common tactic by Albany under Gov. Andrew Cuomo. The governor has been rejecting plans for pipelines in a bid to suck up to eco-fanatics, who demand an immediate end to the use of all fossil fuels, despite the lack of realistic alternatives.