The Trump campaign is moving early to stop Arizona from turning blue in 2020 on the heels of the influential McCain family’s announcement of support for former Vice President Joe Biden. The state already saw Left wing Kyrsten Sinema become the first Democrat to win a Senate seat in Arizona by targeting Phoenix suburbia in the 2018 midterms despite a Republican governor being elected the same year, and that the state has gone red in nine of the last 10 presidential elections. Arizona may quickly become the bellwether state in the battleground fight ahead of the election.

Here’s more from Washington Examiner…

The Republican Party is moving early to build a political firewall around Arizona’s critical Electoral College votes, a recognition that the perennial red state is threatening to turn against President Trump in 2020.

The Trump campaign is hiring Brian Seitchik, a veteran Arizona operative, to run political operations in the state. He could take the helm as early as Wednesday, a full 18 months before Election Day, and would work in tandem with the Republican National Committee to build and oversee an extensive field program supported by paid staff and volunteers.

Arizona Republicans say the state is legitimately in play after midterm elections that saw Kyrsten Sinema become the first Democrat to win a Senate seat in three decades by capitalizing on the president’s vulnerability in the vote-rich Phoenix suburbs.