President Trump just nominated former campaign adviser Sam Clovis to the Department of Agriculture’s highest science position. And the left can’t stand it.

Clovis and Trump see eye to eye on climate change. So the left is trying to attack him from all sides. They are even trying to attack Clovis’ ‘lack of experience’.

“It’s a sad continuation of that trend that we were seeing with EPA and science advisory boards, and shutting down different websites,” Assistant Director of Food and Water Watch Patty Lovera said. “It’s just another sad example of the Trump administration putting politics first, and inside USDA, the politics of Big Agriculture.”

But Clovis is not alone in questioning climate change. USDA Secretary Sonny Perdue does not believe in it either and stands by Clovis.

“Dr. Clovis was one of the first people through the door at USDA in January and has become a trusted advisor and steady hand as we continue to work for the people of agriculture,” USDA Perdue said. “He looks at every problem with a critical eye, relying on sound science and data, and will be the facilitator and integrator we need. Dr. Clovis has served this nation proudly since he was a very young man, and I am happy he is continuing to serve.”

While Clovis’ past scientific research experience is unknown, he is a long time Republican activist who was an adviser to Trump on the campaign trail.