Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was answering questions at a Town Hall on Friday and interrupted a woman to say that she should use the phrase “people-kind” instead of “mankind” like she used in her question to the liberal-leaning prime minister, reports Fox News.

“Fox & Friends” had Dr. Jordan Peterson, who is Canadian, and author the of “12 Rules For Life,” was invited to talk about this egregious display of liberal propaganda taking over the Canadian government.

The clip that they showed in the show can be seen below:

What the video doesn’t show you is after he says that then the crowd erupts into applause and the crowd goes crazy.

Dr. Peterson was not impressed by this display of liberal ideology and he believes that’s all it really was, a show for his devoted fans.

“It’s quite the performance. I’m afraid that our prime minister is only capable of running his ideas on a few very narrow ideological tracks,” Peterson, a University of Toronto psychology professor said on Tuesday.

He explained that Trudeau and the woman were discussing an important topic, but Trudeau felt the need to interject an ideological statement in the middle of the dialogue.

“That indicates precisely the way he thinks, and I don’t think he does think. I think he runs an ideology in his head and accepts the output without question,” Peterson said. “And I think we’re really going to pay for it in Canada, in ways that we can’t yet imagine.”

Peterson first made headlines when he refused to use the gender-neutral pronouns mandated in a Canadian bill intended to prohibit discrimination on the basis of gender identity. He said he doesn’t believe in using language generated by “radical leftists propagandists.”

“It’s completely inappropriate of the government to decide which language the citizenry should speak,” he said.

Then Peterson weighed in on the father-daughter dances that are being canceled around the country because people say they are too triggering for people, which Peterson also disagrees with.

“If you are going to cancel everything that is triggering to anyone then you are going to cancel everything all together,” Peterson said. “Because there isn’t going to be a single thing that someone is going to do that isn’t offensive to someone.”