Trey Gowdy

Rep. Trey Gowdy was interviewed yesterday about Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein’s testimony to Congress. He made a number of enlightened comments, but the one that got the most attention was his prediction that a high-profile FBI agent would be fired next week.

In the video about around 2:50, Gowdy makes his prediction. He says that Andrew McCabe would probably be fired within the week. McCabe, you may recall, was in charge of the Hillary Clinton email investigation. At the same time, his wife received a major donation from a Hillary Clinton ally.

Gowdy indicated frustration that McCabe was not testifying himself. He then indicated that he expected FBI Deputy Director McCabe to dismissed from his position:

“’I hate it for Rod Rosenstein that he’s the one explaining it because he’s not [FBI official] Peter Strzok, and he’s not [Deputy FBI Director] Andy McCabe, and he’s not [former FBI Director] Jim Comey, so he’s having to do a little bit of clean up,’ he explained. ‘But these are really bad facts if you care about an impartial, objective Department of Justice and FBI.’

“Gowdy went on to say that he would be surprised if Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe were not fired from his position within the week.

“’But the notion that three bureau agents would be conspiring or plotting on how to handle the outcome of a presidential election is the opposite of what you want in an objective, dispassionate, neutral FBI,’ he explained.”

Gowdy was also troubled that FBI agents were clearly “conspiring” and “plotting” against then-candidate Donald Trump to ensure he was not elected:

“’I’m still trying to figure out why three FBI agents are discussing politics in the Deputy Director’s office, because you’re not supposed to discuss politics on federal ground and FBI agents aren’t supposed to engage in politics for Hatch Act reasons,’ he added.”

“Gowdy was referring to texts that showed FBI official Peter Strzok talking about an “insurance policy” against Trump winning the 2015 election. The text was in a trove of interactions obtained by the media and released Tuesday.”

Needless to say, the hammer is about to drop on these corrupt FBI agents.