CNN’s Nick Valencia it stuck in his liberal media bubble. When he got to Texas to cover Hurricane Harvey that bubble burst.

Valencia is super shocked that America, and especially people in Texas, despise CNN.

Valencia must have forgotten he was in Texas. People in Texas are not fans of CNN because they bash every single thing that Texans stand for.

“The last place-CNN has never even tried to disguise its unbridled hate for all things southern and Texan. CNN’s cultural supremacists are constantly smearing Christians and conservatives and southerners as backwards bigots. And everyone knows that the only reason CNN is even paying attention to a natural disaster in a Red State is in the hopes that the president they are hoping to oust through fake news will do something the leftwing network can turn into a “Katrina moment.”

It only makes sense that people loath CNN in Texas right now. They are taking up space and shoving microphones into survivors’ faces. One woman had enough and went off on the reporter.

“Y’all sitting here, trying to interview people at their worst times,” the woman said. “With me shivering cold, with my kids wet, and you’re still putting the microphone in my face!”

Texas is trying to recover from a horrific natural disaster and all CNN wants to do is wonder why the people of Texas really hate them. Here’s your sign.