Jennifer Palmieri, a White House official under Presidents Clinton and Obama and Hillary Clinton’s former communications director for her 2016 presidential campaign, tells all in her new book, Dear Madam President.

Palmieri’s book is full of advice for a future female president, but also sheds some light into the recent presidential election.

In an interview with NPR, Palmieri said, “She’d been Hillary Clinton her whole life. She [Clinton] knew, she anticipated a lot of how the public would likely to react to her. I felt like Hillary was running for president with half her humanity tied behind her back.”

Ouch. That’s pretty bad. She’s basically saying Clinton was an inhuman monster.

Palmieri said in her interview that Clinton’s campaign team was trying to present her with the same qualities that the public is used to seeing in a male president.

“That she’s strong enough, that she can handle national security, that she’s tough enough that Donald Trump can come after her and try to humiliate her and she’s never going to let it show,” Palmieri said.

The former communications director also discusses the moment she knew Clinton’s chances for winning the presidency were slim. Early September 2016 Clinton had been diagnosed with pneumonia and things took a turn for the worse from there on.

Palmieri states that she has no regrets about the outcome of the election.

“I do not believe there was any other path for the campaign or for her, other than to undertake this the way that we did,” Palmieri said, “which was A) prove that she could do the job and B) try to express her ambition and make people comfortable with it as best as we could. And I think that this was just the process the first woman had to go through.”

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BY Kate Clark


Kate is a staff writer for DC Statesman.