Tomi Lahren called out a racist New York Times article that was published over the weekend titled “Can My Children Be Friends With White People?”

Lahren discusses this ridiculous article in her Final Thoughts commentary.

This article comes from a black college professor who really debated letting his children be friends with their “light-skinned peers”.

The writer also calls out President Donald Trump for being a “bigot”, which is ironic based on the topic of the article.

“Not only does the writer call Donald Trump a bigot … he talks about him in the same breath as white supremacists and directly accuses all Trump supporters and white people of being inherently racist,” reports Fox News Insider.

Lahren goes on to discuss how inappropriate this article is and how ridiculous it is that the New York Times would actually publish this article, and honestly, we’re just as surprised.   Racism is not only white people against black people, but can also be black people against white people. The basis of racism is hate. 

“Hate is taught.  Hate is taught by mothers and fathers like you who tell their children those who don’t look, think, or believe like they do are to be feared and demonized,” says Lahren.

This is scary not because only one person believes this, but the person who wrote this obscene article is also a professor, teaching our youth.

“And here’s the scariest part, the writer of this article is a college professor tasked with educating the country’s youth.

And you wonder why college campuses are becoming the indoctrination chambers of the unloving and intolerant left.

Look at our educators! They aren’t even trying to hide their blatant bias anymore!

No, instead they are shoving it down our throats and the mainstream media is celebrating it,” says Lahren.

Not only is the very nature of the article racist, but liberals are fine with this article being published.

“The Left lives in an obscure world where Colin Kaepernick is citizen of the year and it’s acceptable to ask if your kids can have white friends. Wow,” says Lahren.

Lahren then goes on to talk about the severity of the article and how it totally goes against everything that the left is “claiming” they stand for.

“If you have a serious and heartfelt interest in eliminating racism and bigotry, stop advancing it and stop chumming the editorial waters with your race bait,” says Lahren.

Not only is this article a direct hit to the left and their idea of racism, but it’s also a direct hit to Americans who have fought for our country to be free.

“Generations of Americans fought, died and sacrificed to bring this country together and it’s downright appalling some are trying so hard to undo it.”

This article is an absolute disgrace to the American values and ideals, and honestly enough is enough.  Liberals need to not only realize that racism is everywhere, but they also need to stop being hypocritical and stop their own blatant racism.