This week Tomi Lahren took time during her “Final Thoughts” segment to take down all of the creeps that are coming out of the woodwork who are being accused of inappropriate behavior towards women, like Sen. Al Franken.  Lahren points out the obvious about how men should act around women but also what women need to do as well, reports Fox News.

Lahren starts with pointing out what really shouldn’t need to be pointed out: don’t touch people who don’t want to be touched:

“‘Whether you’re a candidate, a sitting representative, a Hollywood producer, or the former president, here’s some advice, don’t touch people who don’t want to be touched,’ said Lahren.”

The Fox host also likes to point out that instead of the American people of even the lawmakers focusing on these creepy men, perhaps we should be paying attention to things like healthcare, tax reform, and immigration.

But Lahren doesn’t leave all the problems to just the handsy men.  There are have been a number of reported rape cases that turned out to be false, like Tawana Brawley, Duke lacrosse and The University of Virginia cases.

Lahren makes the case that women who falsely accuse men of rape are actually hurting women more than trying to help:

“‘Women who falsely cry rape and assault hurt actual rape and assault victims.  I also hope future generations of women will be strong and empowered enough to call out predators immediately … and not wait 20 years to say something,’ said Lahren.”

She does point out that a positive that can come from all of these gruesome stories coming to the surface is that perhaps girls in the future will feel more confident about coming out sooner about their abuse.

Lahren sees a situation from all sides though.  She understands what it must be like for men right now.  Constantly worried that anything you do may be construed as inappropriate and she blames this downward spiral in society for the dissolution of the family.

“‘Has the world gone mad? Are family values completely gone? And ya can’t blame this mess on rap music or millennials, either. These alleged assaulters aren’t from my generation,’ said Lahren.”

Lahren ends her segment perfectly by shutting down the creepy men and crazy liberal feminists all at the same time:

“And let me end with this, with all these rapists lurking about I still believe the best form of female empowerment isn’t a pink hat, but one in the chamber.”

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BY Isabelle Weeks


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