Tomi Lahren is back and is fiery as ever after the protesting that happened on University of California, Berkeley’s campus.

Lehren lets the liberals have it when talking about free speech.

“They really need to change this, because I don’t think they realize how damaging they are to themselves,” Lahren said on “Fox & Friends.”

She placed some of the blame on the mainstream media, which often empowers protesters and portrays them as “social justice warriors.”

“And so when they do these things, they don’t think that they’re wrong, they don’t think that they’re violent. They think they’re doing something positive. They think that they’re doing their duty,” Lahren said. “And that is the problem. These young people, they think that they’re heroes because they’re doing this. It’s sick.”

She also blamed Democratic lawmakers, arguing that more of them need to step up and publicly condemn Antifa “thuggery.”

Lahren points out that the left is so hypocritical of conservatives for not condemning the violence and hatred when they refuse to even acknowledge it themselves.

And as conservative speaker Ben Shapiro points out, bringing in metal detectors and police barricades is the opposite of free speech.

Having to bring in that much protection to help lessen the violence is just outright infuriating, and Lahren agrees

These college students have been brainwashed to the point that they cannot fathom what an another viewpoint looks like; let alone be able to sit still and listen to it.

Catch the real truth from Lahren below.