As expected, Donald Trump’s pick for the empty seat on the Supreme Court has come under fire by the left.

Brett Kavanaugh is an impeccably qualified selection by President Trump and proves the left’s unwillingness to attempt a conversation with the right.

It was even clear before Trump announced his pick that the left would be having a fit over it.

The left-wing Women’s March was in such a rush to denounce the pick that they forgot to fill in the name on their press release claiming the nomination of “XX” is a “death sentence for thousands of women.”

There have, however, been a few liberal voices arguing in favor of the Kavanaugh pick. The most prominent has been Yale Law School professor Akhil Reed Amar, who once taught Kavanaugh.

In a piece that he wrote for The New York Times, called “A Liberal’s Case for Brett Kavanaugh,” Amar made the argument that it was “Trump’s finest hour, his classiest move.”

Amar wrote that Kavanaugh’s credentials are beyond qualified for the seat and that he has a “deep reverence for the laws and Constitution of the United States.” He even addressed the most common line of left-wing attack on Kavanaugh’s confirmation, that this seat was “stolen” from President Barack Obama’s choice, Judge Merrick Garland.

“Although Democrats are still fuming about Judge Garland’s failed nomination, the hard truth is that they control neither the presidency nor the Senate; they have limited options,” Amar wrote. “Still, they could try to sour the hearings by attacking Judge Kavanaugh and looking to complicate the proceedings whenever possible. … This would be a mistake.”

The Daily Caller reported:

Paul Blest, writing for the left-wing website, Splinter—the same publication that published a piece calling for mobs to harass conservatives—blasted Amar’s editorial.

“Everything we have and everything we can imagine that is achievable within this crumbling system is at risk,” Blest concluded of the Kavanaugh nomination. “The Democrats are probably going to lose this fight, but anything less than a full-throated attack on Trump’s nomination is tantamount to capitulation on what might very well turn out to be the most consequential decision Trump ever makes.”

While the Splinter article reflects the mood of the progressive base, Amar’s defense of Kavanaugh as a candidate with unquestionable credentials and background means that it will be hard to go after him on anything other than partisan or ideological grounds.

The main fear from the left on this nomination is that Kavanaugh tends to apply a literal translation of the Constitution.

The left will oppose any justice, no matter their gender, background or religious beliefs, who will not assist in the carrying out of the progressive policy agenda.

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BY Mark Graham


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