Despite the best efforts by the Obama administration to manipulate the data and pressure the media to report positively on the president’s signature policy package, Obamacare continues in its tailspin.

Health and Human Services officials significantly revised down the estimates it had previously projected for new Obamacare registrants for 2016.

At present there are just over 9 million participants in the program and federal agencies had predicted that that number would quickly soar to 20 million in the coming months and years.

But now those projections are calling for a maximum of 11.4 million Americans participating in the healthcare exchange program.

According to HHS estimates, some 19 million Americans qualify for Obamacare subsidies but are refusing to sign up for federally subsidized insurance.

That reality comes as a stark rejection by the American people of the system that the administration promised would reduce health care costs in America and stem the tide of uninsured.

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