Daily Beast Politics Editor Sam Stein was hopping mad over the White House’s decision to bar a CNN Reporter from an event in the Rose Garden the other day.

Stein said, “So what we’re left with is a petty, vindictive, scared, temperamental White House that is taking steps that are unprecedented for administrations to take.”

He then called for the press to ‘punish’ the White House for what he believes is bad behavior.

“And at that point in time,” he said referring to when the Huffington Post was banned from Trump events, “the press should have taken upon itself to form some sort of collective pact to say, “If you do this, you will be punished in this way, this way, or this way.” The problem is, the Correspondents’ Association hasn’t gotten to that point yet. And there needs to more solidarity among members of the Correspondents’ Association so that this stuff actually has a penalty associated with it.”

Kyle Drennen at Newsbusters perhaps had the perfect response to Stein when he said, “Perhaps Stein hasn’t been watching the press coverage of the Trump administration, but the “punishment” is already delivered on a daily basis.”

(H/T Newsbusters)