It’s no shock that a college would take a student off the air for using one offensive word, but calling the police is going a little too far.

Brandon Albrecht, a University of Minnesota-Morris student used the term “tranny” on the air.  The University claimed that Albrecht had violated the Federal Communications Commission policy, but has since changed their story.

“’You know, you can definitely, you see one tranny that’s trying to punch someone,’ Brandon Albrecht, a UMM student, said on-air. ‘You know it’s automatically that one guy that you know I’m talking about. I bet you know. I’m not going to dox anybody and name them on air. But you two know if I say the tranny who looks like he’s going to punch someone. Yep.’”

Albrecht and his co-host were discussing the lack of Antifa violence at his school.  About 15 minutes later Albrecht and his co-host Taylor Lehmann were kicked off the air by a police officer.

“‘Hey guys, I’m just going to have you leave,’ said the station manager. ‘You said a couple words that break FCC violations and so for today I am going to have you stop your show….Specifically tranny. That is a hate slur, it is not allowed on radio. I need you to leave.’”

A week later, Albrecht and Lehmann were permanently suspended from the show “by executive decision.”  Albrecht later told The College Fix that the board claimed that the two “violated FCC rules.” However, the two were kicked off the show because the station had complaints that Albrecht and Lehmann were intoxicated during an earlier show.  Albrecht denied this accusation.

“’The officials are wrong,’ said Bob Corn-Revere, a media and First Amendment lawyer, to The College Fix. ‘Neither [saying ‘tranny’ nor drunk broadcasting] is a violation of FCC rules.’”

However, a third story is being told.  The station manager told Albrecht that he was being kicked off the air because he had not played more than two new songs each hour.

“‘The situation the radio station is dealing with relates to compliance with DJ expectations and station standards,’ said Melissa Vangsness, a spokeswoman for the university, to The College Fix. But Albrecht said that his show was not the only one that did not follow every rule and believes he and his co-host were suspended because of his use of ‘tranny.'”

When asked to resign, Albrecht and Lehmann said they wanted the executive board to take a vote on the issue.

“’It is a shame that our freedom of speech is being curtailed today in the very place it should be most free, on college campuses,’ Albrecht told The College Fix.