A college intern learned that hard way that colleges have moved away from preparing kids for the real world. They have shifted towards teaching kids that whining can get you whatever you want.

This made one intern felt that they would be able to challenge the hierarchy at their job. But they forgot that the real world is different from college.

The intern was fortunate enough to land an internship in the field they wanted to work in after school. Most people would be gratified that they found a good position in their career field. Not the college students of today. According to their story shared on an online advice column the intern saw an individual wearing non-leather shoes in the office, such as tennis shoes, even those these violated the strict dress code.

The intern decided that the best course of action, instead of realizing that they are just an intern and unless it is unlawful or immoral should just do their job, would be to rally they other interns and make a petition. This petition was signed by all the interns, except for one smart one, and presented to their manager. They did not expect the response.

All the interns who signed the petition were called into the manager’s office. And all were promptly dismissed from the company. The manager explained that their behavior was unprofessional and did not even give the spoiled kids a chance to discuss the issue.

The one thing that the manager did tell the interns was that the one employee who was allowed to break the dress code was a veteran who had lost her leg in combat and was given permission to wear whatever shoes were comfortable.

The fact the student was never taught that corporations are not democracies is evidence of the degradation of today’s colleges. Hopefully this student will take this as a lesson of what the real world is like.

Although asking the online columnist “I feel my dismissal was unfair and would like to ask them to reconsider but I’m not sure the best way to go about it,” is probably not a good indication that they learned their lesson.