At the White House press briefing on Halloween, Sarah Huckabee Sanders made some great jokes about hoping to see everyone dressed up in costumes, but reporters also took their chance to ask questions about the recent indictments about the Russian dossier scandal and Sanders wasted no time in taking care of one reporter’s snippy comment.

First Sanders got a confusing question from a reporter trying to ask a question about Donald Trump Jr.’s involvement with a Russian lawyer:

“President Trump, during the campaign, repeatedly castigated Hillary Clinton for not coming forward and coming clean when she got debate questions ahead of the debates. Why didn’t anyone in the Trump campaign, including his son, come forward when there were solicitations from Russian agents to provide dirt on his opponent?”

“I’m not sure how those two things are even remotely related, so I couldn’t begin to figure out how to answer that question,” Sanders fired back taking down the reporter a few notches from suggesting the President’s son tried to influence the election.

The reporter then recovered his senses and then asked, “I’m just getting to the sense of the proactive duty to come clean when there is an ethical question. And is the President upset that people in the campaign did not come clean when there were ethical questions and ethical lines being broached?”

“I don’t believe that to be an ethical question.  That’s a pretty standard campaign operating procedure,” Sanders responded.

“Collaborating with Russians is?” the reporter fired back.

“That’s not collaboration with the Russians. Sorry, Noah. I know you want it to be, but it just isn’t,” Sanders told the reporter who seemed hell-bent on not reporting the truth.

Sanders real moment to shine came when a reporter asked, “What is your definition of collusion?”

Sander immediately knew how to take this reporter down.

“Well, I think the exchanging millions of dollars to create false information is a pretty big indication. I think taking millions of dollars into a foundation that benefits you while making decisions that impact people that gave that money, I think those are certainly areas of collusion that should certainly be looked at,” Sanders said.

Sanders pointed out the collusion that everyone including the media is conveniently overlooking and that is all of the money that was being donated by the Russians to the Clinton Foundation.  That is what reporters should really be looking into.

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BY Isabelle Weeks


I am a staff writer for DC Statesman and like to report on current events happening in the Trump administration as well as the political world.