Now that SNL seems to be willing to call out creepy and out of touch Democrats in their show, this past Saturday wasn’t anything different.  During the show, they called out SNL alum Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) and kept touching on it throughout the show as well as talking about recent controversies surrounding the NFL and Congress.

The one skit that is really highlighting the timely issue of calling out sexual harassers in the workplace is the skit called “Sexual Harassment Charlie.”  James Franco plays a higher up in the company who is being fired for being inappropriate with the women in his company.

The other man who is being fired is “Charlie,” played by Kenan Thompson and he’s the “sweet old man who all of the women in the office forgive whenever he says anything gross and inappropriate to them because he’s just a sweet old man who doesn’t really mean anything. Or does he?

The skit perfectly highlights this common occurrence in the workplace, but the opening skit touches on every possible social controversy going on right now and touches the Franken topic as well.

The skit involves Thompson again but this time plays a mall Santa that is listening to what kids want for Christmas and one child comes up and asks Santa, “Can you tell me what did Al Franken do?”

SNL doesn’t stop the jabs there either.  On the Weekend Update section of the show, Cecily Strong’s signature character Cathy Anne makes an appearance again to talk about, you guessed it, Al Franken.

Her character makes an excellent point when she says, “Why are you gonna resign if you ain’t gonna apologize? And if you ain’t got nothing to apologize for, then why the hell are you resigning?”

“‘Franken, a former comedian who was a writer and performer on Saturday Night Live in the ’70s and ’80s, was accused of allegedly groping and trying to kiss women without their consent. He had said weeks ago he was embarrassed and ashamed by his behavior. His resignation announcement came after a new allegation was made and after many Democratic senators called for him to step down. In his speech, he said some of the allegations were untrue,’ reports E News.”