After the horrifying Florida school shooting last week, many so-called objective “journalists” decided to reject the standards of journalism they said they would uphold and decided to show who they really are: Democratic social justice warriors who want to destroy the second amendment, reports The Daily Wire.

HLN host S. E. Cupp was the one who perfectly pointed out what these journalists really are and took time to criticize these “journalists” for their reports on the school shooting last week. Cupp claims that these journalists are just covering up the tragedy of the mass shooting to highlight their own political agenda.

“I do know that there isn’t likely a law, existing or imagined, that would have prevented it. Anyone who says otherwise is not being honest with you,” Cupp said of the Florida shooting this week that left 17 dead and 14 wounded.

“Speaking of honesty. If you’re like me, you turn on the news to get information, a set of facts. … Well, if you turn on cable news last night and this morning, it is safe to say you didn’t get the news,” she said, according to NewsBusters.

“When it comes to guns, news anchors take off their journalist hats and put on their activist hats,” Cupp continued. “And they do it without shame or disclaimer because they believe righteousness is the same thing as being right.”

Cupp also took the fight to Twitter, where she hammered snide leftists who refused to acknowledge even basic facts about guns.