Former DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz wants to run and hide right about now.

One of her staffers, Imran Awan, was arrested for having smashed government hard drives at his house, among other charges. Awan was trying to flee the country when he was caught.

The RNC chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel is demanding answers and asking why the media has ignored this.

“[Wasserman Schultz] kept him on her staff. He was a taxpayer-funded government employee until yesterday when she finally fired him,” McDaniel said during a Fox Business Network interview on Wednesday. “We need to figure out why he’s under criminal investigation and we’re not hearing that across the country right now.”

McDaniel and other conservatives are concerned that the information on those hard drives may threaten our national security.

“We have to get to the bottom of this, and Debbie Wasserman Schultz has obstructed at every level on something that affects potentially our national security,” she continued. “We are not hearing the Democrats talk about it at all. Where’s Debbie Wasserman Schultz?”