Sheriff David Clarke, who is known to not be shy about sharing his opinions, went on “Fox and Friends” to discuss his thought on the current state of black America. Clarke came on to give his thoughts about major Civil Rights icons decision to boycott Trump’s appearance at the opening of the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum reports The Western Journal.

One of those famous civil rights icons is Rep. John Lewis (D-GA), which Sheriff Clarke had a few things to say about him:

“John Lewis has become one of the most irrelevant members of Congress,” Clarke said. “He has to pull a political stunt like this. He can’t even honor the civil rights museum opening. He has to pull a political stunt to get news coverage. That’s how bad this is.”

The former Milwaukee sheriff then referenced “the high poverty, the high unemployment,” and “the crime that goes on and the failing schools” present in Lewis’ 5th congressional district of Georgia.

Clarke’s praise of President Trump was abundant though, as it always has been, and he points out what Trump has been able to do that Lewis has not.

“Donald Trump realizes that he is the president of all people,” Clarke told Fox News. “He also realizes that actions speak louder than words.”

“What these obstinate people are afraid of, (is) that President Donald Trump is winning hearts and minds quietly and slowly throughout black America, as they are willing to give him a chance as he asked during the campaign,” he added.

Clarke points out that Trump speaks for all Americans, including African-Americans, whereas Lewis does not. Clarke then mentioned his belief that the museum’s grand opening ceremony “will be better off without those people there.”

Co-host Pete Hegseth asked Clarke if he perceived Trump’s decision to attend the event as the president “shining a light” on the museum’s importance.

“He adds to the moment, and he’s being responsible in doing so,” Clarke stated. “Look, Donald Trump could care less about whether any of these are showing up or what they think. He’s going to do what’s in the best interest of all American’s — and the right thing to do, the best thing to do is to show up at this opening and just kind of ignore the fact that some people have chosen this to use as a platform to make a political statement.”

Rep. Lewis and Democratic Mississippi Rep. Bennie Thompson said in a statement on Thursday, “President Trump’s attendance and his hurtful policies are an insult to the people portrayed in this civil rights museum,”

Trump attended anyway of course and spoke briefly but pointed out the importance of such an institution and said, “Today we pay solemn tribute to our heroes of the past and dedicate ourselves to building a future of freedom, equality, justice, peace.”

That sure doesn’t sound like someone who wants to hurt the policies and insult the people involved in the civil rights movement.