Sean Hannity took down Democrat corruption in his latest segment where he explains that Congressman Bob Brady (D-PA) reportedly paid off his fellow Democratic primary candidate, Judge Jimmie Moore, $90,000 to drop out of the race, reports Fox News.

Hannity reports that Moore and his former campaign manager have already pleaded guilty to trying to conceal the money and two aids for Brady have been indited.

“Sounds like Democrats love rigging elections more than anything else,” Hannity said perfectly.

Fox News contributor, Geraldo Rivera pointed out that Brady isn’t just any Democrat, he is the “head of the Philadelphia machine” and represents much of South Philadelphia and the River Wards.

Hannity summed it up well when he said that Brady is essentially “taking a page out of her [Hillary Clinton’s] book,” when it comes to how to be corrupt or how to rig an election.

Rivera doesn’t pretend, however, that Democrats are the only ones who do these kinds of sneaky deals for elections.  He points out that Republicans are the “principal engineers for the gerrymandering” of districts. But what is different about Brady, is that he is one of the old school giants of the Democrats.

Both sides argued that both parties had some corruption issues but Hannity shut down Rivera’s argument by saying that he “couldn’t give me one example of Republicans rigging a primary election,” which is what Brady ended up doing.

Hannity said that every person who voted for Bernie Sanders should have been accounted for but instead Hillary Clinton got away with doing her usual scheming and that involves Russian influences in propaganda.

Sounds like Democrats are getting used to what they want, like now with Sen. Bob Menendez getting off from his bribery charges and the fact that Hillary Clinton still walks free today.  Something has to be done about these crooked Democrats.

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BY Isabelle Weeks


I am a staff writer for DC Statesman and like to report on current events happening in the Trump administration as well as the political world.