In his monologue on Tuesday night’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on ABC, host Jimmy Kimmel, commenting that a former U.S. attorney said President Donald Trump has the power to fire Special Counsel Robert Muller, sarcastically suggested the U.S. should abandon democracy, reports CNS News.

After making snide comments about how President Trump is a “child” and mocking the president’s use of his Twitter account he had this to say:

“This morning, after “The Washington Post” reported that special counsel Robert Mueller is floating the idea of subpoenaing the president, so after that, Trump ominously tweeted a quote from a former U.S. Attorney who said, the president has unfettered power to fire anyone. And then another tweet he threatened to use the powers granted the presidency to stop this investigation if it keeps going much longer. I guess some people are okay with that. With the president threatening to squash an ongoing investigation into his own, possibly illegal, actions,” Kimmel continued.

“But hey, you know what? Democracy had a good run, and maybe it’s time for us to try something else. Don’t want to get all clingy,” Kimmel finished his idiotic monologue.

Kimmel has always had animosity towards Trump and uses the president as a frequent punching bag on his late night show, but joking about the fall of our government and freedom as people is something he shouldn’t be joking around with. Anyway, Kimmel needs to read up on the news because the last time I checked, the House Intelligence Committee reported that there was no evidence that Trump or his campaign has colluded with anyone in the Russian government.

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BY Isabelle Weeks


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