Bernie2020 is the same as Bernie2016. It’s just not as exciting the second time around on the campaign trail. A report by the Associated Press notes that his candidacy still struggles with the same challenges in a 23-candidate field that doomed him in 2016. Most notably perhaps is the political cronyism that his strongest opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden, has established with the Democrats’ powerbrokers, including the Clintons. The same backroom deals that made Hillary’s nomination inevitable may ultimately confirm Biden’s.

Here’s more from AP News…

It was supposed to be different this time.

But three months into his second presidential campaign, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is struggling with some of the same challenges that sank his last bid: doubts about his electability, worries about support from minority voters and an opponent with deep ties to the party establishment.

The 77-year-old entered the Democratic race with an organized donor base, name recognition and experience earned from 2016, giving him an instant edge over his rivals. His front-runner status, however, proved short-lived.

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s surge to the top of the pack has exposed Sanders’ struggle to expand his appeal.