After many Democrats shouted how upset they were about the GOP tax reform bill passing in both Houses and how much they lied about how bad this tax plan is going to be for middle-class Americans, Fox News contributor Dana Loesch came on to Hannity to give those Democrats a reality check in a spectacular way, reports Fox News Insider.

Loesch started out her argument stating that Democrats and the left media “wanted to increase and keep high Americans’ taxes for Christmas.”

Democrats have been attacking the bill from all sides and not a single one voted in support of it. House Democratic Caucus Chair Joseph Crowley (D-N.Y.) called it a “classic bait and switch,” and NBC’s Savannah Guthrie asked Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) if he was “living in a fantasy world.”

“They cannot lie to the American people when the American people see they are keeping more of their money,” Loesch said.

She also said that it will become immediately evident to citizen how good this tax plan is for them as soon as they get their first check and then it will be extremely clear to everyone that the Democrats were lying and were the ones trying to screw the middle class over.

When in actuality, huge companies like AT&T and Boeing are investing in their companies by giving their employees Christmas bonuses and investing in their communities even further thanks to this tax cut.

Loesch also added that, under U.S. Treasury policy, tax rates are legal minimums. So if Democrats and media personalities hate the new tax plan so much, and hate the fact that they will probably have to send less money to the Internal Revenue Service then they can totally feel free to send a big check to the IRS.

“They are free to pay more,” she said.