U.S. Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn withdrew from competing in the World Cup in Switzerland after reportedly suffering from a back injury while competing in a super-G race Saturday. This ironically comes after she did an interview with CNN where she mocks and bashes President Trump, reports The Western Journal.

Vonn tweeted out on Sunday that she will no longer be able to compete in the World Cup after she fell to the snow writhing in pain shortly after crossing the finish line in a race on Saturday.

During an interview with CNN on Thursday Vonn revealed that she is disappointed in the current President and does not want to represent him when she goes to the Olympics in February.

“I take the Olympics very seriously and what they mean and what they represent, what walking under our flag means in the opening ceremony,” the 33-year-old skier said.

Vonn added that she wants to “represent our country well” at the 2018 Winter Games. She continued to criticize Trump’s administration and basically the entire government as well.

“I don’t think that there are a lot of people currently in our government that do that,” she said.

Vonn’s apparent grudge against the President goes as far as to not accept the invitation to the White House if she wins a gold medal in February.

“Absolutely not,” she said. “No. But I have to win to be invited. No actually I think every US team member is invited so no I won’t go.”

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders also weighed in on the controversy when she was asked about Vonn’s comments during an interview on Fox News’ “Watters’ World.”

“Those that don’t want to represent our country, says a lot more about their character than it does about the president’s,” Huckabee Sanders said Saturday.

Vonn was asked Friday her thoughts on the backlash against her anti-Trump comments.

“I was asked my opinion and I gave it,” Vonn said. “I mean, it’s not necessarily my place to be sticking my nose in politics, but as an athlete, I do have a voice.”

Vonn has apparently been taking note from the NFL players who also think that they should bring politics into the sport they play.  Perhaps Vonn will think about her defamatory comments before she competes in a major skying competition again.